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Name:The Mystery Shack
Location:Gravity Falls, Oregon, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Gravity Falls news, fanworks, recs and meta!

Welcome to The Mystery Shack, a home on Dreamwidth for everything Gravity Falls related!

We've only got a few house rules here:
  • Golden rule: Treat others as you'd wish to be treated
  • Put long posts and fanfic/fanart behind a cut: To avoid page stretching!
  • No spoilers for new content!: Posts about the series itself, or Journal 3, don't need spoiler warnings as it is over, but anything new that may come out needs to be put behind cuts and spoiler warnings for at least 2 weeks after it's released!
  • Warn for anything that people might not want to see: This includes stuff like ships, NSFW, and gore
  • Adult content must be members-only, behind a cut tag, and age restricted 18+: Non-compliant posts will be deleted and posters will be messaged privately explaining why. This includes more extreme gore (anything beyond 'a little bloody/beaten'), nudity of any kind, and content with explicit sexual themes
  • Promo and sales posts are allowed, but must be relevant to Gravity Falls!: If in doubt, message [personal profile] komischkatze to confirm!

Here's a template for posting fanworks;

Have fun! And remember;

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